Munch Madness

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Congratulations to our 2021 Chompion: Muchachos

Jack Mitchell, host of LNK Today on KLIN, has been putting together a fun, interactive ‘restaurant bracket’ for listeners to vote in since 2009. As we enter the twelfth year of Munch Madness, so many of our favorite area restaurants are struggling because of the pandemic and the restrictions they have brought about. The KLIN crew decided that this would be the perfect year to put the traditional Munch Madness ‘on steroids’. In previous years, the field was limited to 32 or fewer eateries and was focused on a single genre of food, from pizza to BBQ to breakfast and beyond. This year, the field was opened to any non-chain restaurant that originated independently in the listening area, or more simply put: ‘local joints’. And, to be more inclusive, the field has been expanded to 64 restaurants, who were picked by the stations’ listeners and bracketed/seeded by the LNK Today team.