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Christian Churches Find New Life Amidst Challenging Circumstances

Church buildings are shuttered from the public. Only a camera and a pastor stand in the sanctuary on Sundays. Aisles are clear from people awaiting in communion lines. Living rooms are empty from the weekly gatherings. But nothing can stop the Gospel’s connection through area churches, its people and those looking for a home. “I think we are…read more »


Lincoln Officer Treated At Hospital After Early Morning Assault

A man is arrested after assaulting officers early Monday. Officer Erin Spilker says police were sent to Colonial Heights Apartments in the 2800 block of Tierra Drive a little before 5 AM Monday on reports of a man fighting with a woman in the area. When they arrived, they witnessed a man, later identified as…read more »

Lincol Health Dept Sq Framed

Lincoln’s COVID-19 Total Grows To 32

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD) announced that one new lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 in Lincoln has been reported, bringing the community’s total to 32. LLCHD is investigating and will have more information this afternoon. LLCHD is now monitoring 112 individuals. Lancaster County reports 1041 negative tests and 32 positives…read more »


Labor Commissioner Announces Unemployment Insurance Updates

The Nebraska Department of Labor (NDOL) announced unemployment insurance updates today, including the extension of waivers for COVID-19 to August 1. John Albin, Nebraska comissioner of labor,  also announced that workers participating in Short-Time Compensation (STC) plans will be eligible for $600 per week in federal benefits under the CARES Act, in addition to their…read more »


More COVID-19 Cases Reported In The State

First cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) were reported in the following counties: Cheyenne – http://www.pphd.org/Site/Documents/NewsReleases/COVID-19%20Positive%20test%20results%2004.05.2020.pdf Stanton – https://www.facebook.com/elvphd Logan County was included in last night’s release as a county reporting its first case. However, Logan County was erroneously entered into the electronic tracking system and does not have a confirmed case of COVID-19. All…read more »


As Lincoln’s COVID-19 Cases Grow, Mayor Asks Businesses Make Masks

Nebraska’s COVID-19 case total jumped to 409 today while city officials make a significant announcement asking local businesses to shift their resources toward making cloth masks and other essential items. “I urge all businesses that have the capacity and capability to do so to shift their operations towards making essentials, especially gowns, masks, and face coverings,” Leirion…read more »