Martinez Named Co-Big 10 Freshman of the Week, Huskers Get the Day Off

Adrian Martinez has been honored as “co-Big 10 Freshman of the Week,” after having an excellent game against Minnesota. Martinez went 25-29 and scored four total touchdowns. However after all that, Martinez had to share the distinction. Scott Frost was at the podium on Monday during Nebraska’s weekly news conference, where he was asked about…read more »


Jon Camp Is Not Running For Mayor

  While previously indicating interest in running for mayor, Councilman Jon Camp tells KLIN News he has now decided against doing so citing person reasons. Camp says at this time he supports Republican Councilwoman Cindy Lamm’s bid for mayor. Camp says Lamm is another good alternative candidate to Democrat Mayor Chris Beutler, who is seeking…read more »


Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse Thinks American Politics are in a Bad Spot

Senator Ben Sasse tells KLIN’s Jack Mitchell on LNK today politics are important, but animosity toward those with different ideologies has been trending upward for decades. “20 or 25 years ago, when you polled the American people, about 14% of folks thought the other political party was not just wrong, but actually evil,” says Sasse.…read more »


Councilwoman Cyndi Lamm Is Running For Mayor

Another challenger has entered the Lincoln Mayor’s race. In addition to Independent candidate Krystal Gabel, Councilwoman Cyndi Lamm has also announced she plans to run. In addition to a formal statement, Lamm released a video of her announcement. Incumbent mayor Chris Beutler will face off against Lamb and Gabel provided a mayoral term limit ballot…read more »


For Win Number One, Frost Gets a Game Ball

It may not be 1997 all over again, but this win is special for Scott Frost. As the team huddled around the head coach in the locker room following the game, defensive coordinator Erik Chinander held one of the game balls triumphantly over his head. “First win. As the head coach. At Nebraska. At home.…read more »

Tunnel Walk Minnesota

Frost Finds his First Win Since Return to Lincoln

It took until October 20th but Scott Frost has won his first game since his return to Lincoln as head coach. It’s been an undeniably rough season for Frost. The Huskers managed to rack up six consecutive losses, ranging from absolute blowouts to games that came down to the final play. Nebraska put all of…read more »