Survey Shows Nebraskans Would Pay More In Sales Taxes For Property Tax Relief

A Nebraska think tank says polled Nebraskans say they are willing to pay more sales taxes…for property tax relief. The Platte Institute’s survey indicates that 61 percent of the respondents say they would be willing to pay more in other taxes in exchange for lowered property taxes…with 55 percent saying they would prefer to pay…read more »


“Kindness Matters” Meter

It’s a meter with a message. Fresh Start is displaying a “Kindness Matters” repurposed meter at various fundraisers. Executive Director Monica Zinke says that the meter is to emphasize that homeless women matter and are seen. Zinke says too often the homeless are often ignored and feel like they are not seen. Zinke says they…read more »


More Details On Weekend Arrests In Connection With Lincoln Homicides

A few more details are being released by Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister on the arrests made over the weekend in connection with the murder of 42 year old Stacy Talbot. He fell out of a moving SUV October 18th after being shot on the 3400 block of North 14th. Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister says that…read more »


Lincoln Man Arrested For Destroying Sidewalk On Canopy Street

A 19 year-old man was arrested for allegedly causing thousands of dollars of damage by dumping roofing glue onto a sidewalk in the Haymarket. Lincoln Police say a 15-gallon barrel of roofing glue was dumped off a nearby roof …destroying the sidewalk on S. Canopy Street October 18th. Damage was estimated at $8,300. Police developed…read more »