21 months later: ESPN commentator dislikes Hoiberg hire at Nebraska

21 months later: ESPN commentator dislikes Hoiberg hire at Nebraska

Miles went 116-114 in his seven seasons at Nebraska with one NCAA Tournament appearance. His final season saw the Huskers finish 13th in the league, the worst finish in the Miles era.

Dakich is not a fan of how Hoiberg has rebuilt the roster in his short tenure, mainly bringing in transfers.

“When I watch Nebraska, you know what I see,” Dakich asked his partner Jason Benetti. “You know, when you go recruit junior colleges sometimes nobody trusts each other because guys wanna get theirs so they can to a division one scholarship? That’s what I see with Nebraska.”

The Huskers have two junior college transfers, both of which played division one basketball before going the juco route. Despite a number of shot creators that unarguably need to move with more purpose off the ball on offense, only Teddy Allen has shown a proclivity for volume shooting no matter the outcome.

Even so, Allen is shooting 44.7 percent from the field for 18.2 points a game. It isn’t the “get mine” mentality that is hurting Nebraska men’s hoops right now. It is the inability to consistently make open shots on offense while at times getting down on defense when shots aren’t dropping.

Dakich added that Nebraska “won the press conference” with Bill Moos hiring Hoiberg, but compared it to Michigan with hiring Juwan Howard. Under Howard, Michigan went 19-12 in year one and is a perfect 9-0 so far in year two. The difference in programs is easy to identify, with Michigan’s history of Final Fours being as recent as 2018, and the season before Howard’s hire saw the team reach the Sweet 16. Howard should have Michigan ahead of where Nebraska is.

Fred Hoiberg might be just another in long line of Husker men’s basketball coaches to end up in Lincoln only to leave empty handed with no conference titles or tournament wins. Or he might take Nebraska further than it has gone before. Is Dakich right, or are the most optimistic of fans?

Time will tell, but halfway through year two with a rebuilt roster that has yet to feature its full slate of players is too early to reach a verdict, even for the former Bowling Green coach who had losing seasons four of his final five years.