Man Gives Clerk ID, Then Accused Of Robbing Walgreens

Man Gives Clerk ID, Then Accused Of Robbing Walgreens

A robbery at Walgreens at 14th and Superior sent police rushing to the store on Monday, September 7th at 7:11 a.m.  The clerk said a man walked in and asked for cigarettes.  The clerk ringing the order up and the suspect jumped over the counter and grabbed money from the register.  He then ran from the scene.

Prior to jumping over the counter, the man provided his driver’s license to the clerk so it could be scanned in order to purchase tobacco.  The scanner showed the man’s name as 21 year old Jeremy Anderson.

Police found Anderson owns a vehicle matching the one driven by the suspect and the driver’s license matched the suspect seen by the clerk.  Around 8:53 p.m., Anderson was called police to say he knew they were looking for him and he wanted to speak with an officer.

Police met Anderson near 49th and West McGuire.  Officers found the cigarettes purchased at the Walgreens and some bills possibly taken in the robbery.

Anderson was cited and booked for robbery.