County Engineer Critical Of Infrastructure Funding in Lancaster County

County Engineer Critical Of Infrastructure Funding in Lancaster County

Lancaster County roads and bridges left unfixed from last year will likely remain that way for the upcoming year.

Lancaster County Engineer Pam Dingman criticizes infrastructure funding for country roads and bridges.

“Once again, I must ask; If not now … then when?  For the last 7 years, every year I think this is going to be the year that the County Engineer’s budget request is going to be granted.  This budget request that is typically only 1.5 to 2.0% of the infrastructure needs in our community. That request has been repeatedly denied and cut.  This year the County Engineer’s budget request was cut by $3.8 million.  In addition, our Highway Allocation projections are down by nearly $1.5 million,” Dingman says.

County Commissioner’s control Dingman’s budget which shows funding for only one new bridge in the county and no new paved roads.

Her testimony showed 10 bridges will likely remain closed from last year.

“The budget you are about to approve has only one bridge, one lone bridge and no new paving for Lancaster County.  This means that 10 bridges which are currently closed will remain closed for at least another year.  This means that South 98th Street and SW14th Street will wait at least another year for paving. This means that less than 10% of critical needs are being met.”

Last year a tax levy increase allocated $3 million dollars to fix bridges, but this year a tax levy is not scheduled to be raised leaving Dingman’s office funds for one bridge.

“Why is this acceptable,” Dingman question county lawmakers during the public comment portion.  The commissioners are not obligated to respond.