NCAA Fall Championships Off, Only College Football Playoff Remains

NCAA Fall Championships Off, Only College Football Playoff Remains

The growing number of conferences calling off fall sports finally reached a tipping point Thursday.

NCAA Mark Emmert said with the 50-percent threshold being passed for schools not playing, the 22 NCAA fall sports could not “have a legitimate championship.”

“We can’t in any Division I NCAA championship sport now — which is everything other than FBS football that goes on in the fall,” said Emmert in an NCAA video on social media. “Sadly, tragically, that’s going to be the case this fall, full stop.”

Emmert said fall sports could still attempt to play in the winter and spring before holding a then legitimate championship. A decision on officially moving the championships could come from the NCAA board of directors August 21.

Meanwhile the College Football Playoff is on with multiple Football Subdivision conferences, including three of the Power Five, still set to play. Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta chairs the CFP Selection Committee who met this week. He said they are preparing to select playoff teams from the remaining conferences.

“We don’t know right now what the season will bring, but as a committee, we are ready to use the protocol and the expertise of the 13 people who have been charged with selecting the teams,” said Barta in a statement. “If the board and management committee say we are having a CFP, we will be ready.”