Lancaster County Motor Vehicle Title Inspections Resume

Lancaster County Motor Vehicle Title Inspections Resume

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is resuming motor vehicle title inspections at 625 N 46th Street between 8AM and 4PM Monday through Friday, in the form of a curbside service.  Title inspections are necessary if you have purchased a vehicle with an out-of-state title and you wish to apply for a Nebraska title.  The inspection service will be offered with the following restrictions:

*Inspections are open for car dealerships and the general public, no appointment necessary.

*We are asking our customers to wear a face covering if they have one.

*Customers should pull up to the Sheriff’s Inspection signs and an attendant will contact you directly.  If no attendant is available, please call 402-441-8893 and an attendant will come right out.

*Do not enter the building.  This is curbside service only, the building is closed to the public for now.

*Please do not bring other people or pets with you to the inspection station.

*Customers will be provided information on how to complete their titling and registration transaction with the County Treasurer by utilizing a drop-box or electronic services.

This is the first incremental step in re-opening the vehicle registration station to a more traditional format.  Thank you for your continued patience while we strive to serve the public and protect our staff from unwarranted exposure.

Source:  Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office – News Release