City Services Update: Animal Control Searching For Coyotes, Ballfield Registration To Open

City Services Update: Animal Control Searching For Coyotes, Ballfield Registration To Open

Lincoln Patrolling City For Coyotes 

Animal Control officials Wednesday announced that the department is now patrolling Lincoln to search for coyotes and monitor their behavior. Patrols will start initially in Holmes Lake Park and the 76th Street and Pioneers Boulevard areas due to recent sightings and coyotes’ presence in those areas in past years.

“Coyote sightings increase each spring because this is the time of the year they hunt for food for their newborn pups,” said Steve Beal, Animal Control Manager. “Seeing coyotes in your neighborhood, parks or on trails is not cause for alarm. But you must take precautions to keep pets and residential areas safe.”

Residents are urged to follow these tips to avoid conflicts with coyotes:

  •  If you encounter a coyote, do not run. Look directly at it, raise your hands and make noise by yelling or blowing a whistle. Continue walking, making noise and throw rocks or sticks at the animal until it leaves.
  •  Do not feed coyotes. Feeding invites coyotes into residential areas and is the primary reason coyotes approach people.
  • Obey leash laws. An uncontrolled dog can lead to a coyote confrontation.
  •  Remove outdoor sources of attraction for coyotes such as BBQ grills, pet food, trash, bird feeders, brush piles, and easy access to water. Brush piles and bird feeders attract rodents, rabbits and squirrels, which are food sources for coyotes.
  • Keep all pets indoor at night, especially smaller dogs and cats.

City Ballfields To Reopen 

Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department is working with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department on plans for the operation of ballfields this summer.

Lincoln Parks and Recreation does not offer youth baseball or softball, but rent its fields to youth sports organizers. The online reservation of fields is available no more than two weeks in advance of the desired date. Online reservations for practice field time will be available Monday, May 18 for times on Monday, June 1, the first-day practice is allowed.

Lynn Johnson, Parks and Recreation Director, said adult sports will not be allowed to resume so the department does not plan to offer adult softball programming this summer.