Motor Coach Industry Parks Busses As COVID-19 Cripples Industry

Motor Coach Industry Parks Busses As COVID-19 Cripples Industry

Another travel industry forced to park their busses because of COVID-19 is motor coaches.

“Typically March, April, May, June and July are the busiest times of the year and we are at a standstill right now,” Jeff Greteman, president of Windstar Lines tells KLIN News. “We have 97-percent of our fleet parked.  We have 152 units and five of them are on the road for a commuter shuttle.”

Greteman says they serve colleges, churches, and large groups – all of which closed.

Greteman says he’s furloughed 90-percent of his staff and expects his industry to return to normal in the spring 0f 2021.

He’s currently embarked to Washington D.C. to lobby for bailout money since they haven’t received any through the stimulus packages.

MotorCoach owners are holding a rally in Washington D.C. in hopes of catching Congress’s attention for relief money.

Greteman says they’ve been left out of all stimulus packages.

“We’re hoping for that Congress will see us as a necessary mode of transportation in our country,” Greteman says. “They don’t want to see us disappear but without some type of assistance, a lot of these bus companies will be one to six months to a year.  A lot of them will never come back from this.”