Governor Announces 91-Day State Tax Extension

Governor Announces 91-Day State Tax Extension

Nebraska’s state tax deadlines have been moved to July 15th.

Governor Pete Ricketts says he made the decision to match the federal government’s pushing of federal tax deadlines to July in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

He adds that the delay is meant for those directly impacted by the coronavirus and encourages those not impacted to file by the original April 15th deadline.

“If you are not impacted by coronavirus and can file your taxes by April 15th, that will help ensure that we have the cash flow available to continue our operations here at the state of Nebraska,”

The governor says if everyone in the state filed July 15th, an estimated $385 million would be transferred from this fiscal year to the next, which could cause budgeting challenges.

Ricketts did note that the state would be able to handle such a large transfer with its current cash flow if everyone waited until July to file, but a strongly discouraged taking advantage of the delay unnecessarily.