Munch Madness Classic

Jack Mitchell has been conducting his ‘Munch Madness’ Tournament for over a decade on KLIN. While the idea started via a random conversation between Jack and his old co-host, John Bishop, the tournament has now become a Lincoln staple. The tournament has matched up 32 restaurants from a certain genre each year, whether it be pizza joints, international fare, breakfast food or BBQ, crowning a peoples’ champion eatery. This year, Jack, always the nostalgic one, wanted to try something new that would bring back memories of local restaurants of yesteryear, and that became ‘Munch Madness Classic’. In this year’s Munch Madness, listeners have suggested their favorite LNK restaurants that are no longer around and shared their memories from first dates to family dinners to late nights with friends in college. Through that process, Jack put together a 32-restaurant bracket of classic LNK eateries from those that closed decades ago to those that closed in the last couple of years. While you can’t try any of these in town today, the shared nostalgia and history resulted in record-breaking participation on ‘Selection Friday’. Voting will start Monday March 16 via the KLIN Radio Facebook page and results will be shared daily on LNK Today with Jack & Friends. Also, if you have any pictures, menus, stories or other memories of the restaurants in the bracket, please share them with Jack at or via his Facebook page!

Thanks to History Nebraska for supplying background photos for the Munch Madness Classic graphic!