Today Is National Organ Donor Day

Today Is National Organ Donor Day

The number of tissue donors in Nebraska increased by more than 300% over 2018, but 400 Nebraskans are still in need of an organ.

Live On Nebraska Public Outreach Coordinator Emily Niebrugge tells KLIN News think of Memorial Stadium to put the need in perspective.

“Imagine that stadium completely full but we still need 20,000 people just go get to the number of people on that waiting list,” she says. “Those are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, cousins and friends.”

Every ten minutes someone is in need of an organ transplant and is added to the list.

“They just want them around for Christmas, another birthday and graduation, it hits home for a lot of people,” Niebrugge says.

She says in 2019, more donors than ever before saved and healed others through organ and tissue donation, a record number of transplants were performed.

Her organization facilitated 330 organ transplants. They also saw 71 organ donors, 600 tissue donors and 201 birth tissue donors – all an increase.

“I just want to say thank you to the donor families who’ve supported their loved one’s decisions to give the gift of life and support that decision when they signed up to be a donor.”

You can sign up to be an organ donor by going to the DMV.