“Free For All”: Lincoln’s Favorite Day Is Washing Cars After Cold, Snow Spells

“Free For All”: Lincoln’s Favorite Day Is Washing Cars After Cold, Snow Spells

The forecast for Sunday shows a chance for 50 degrees and long lines at car washes.

“It’s kind of a free-for-all where everyone is getting the salt off of their car and keeping it well maintained,” CEO of Rocket Car Wash Tehl Keslar tells KLIN News.

Lincoln residents like to wash cars when it gets warm.  The rise in temperatures causes the demand to clean your cars.

“We love seeing the salt trucks out because it gives us an opportunity to serve our customers the following days as soon as that sunny day busts out from the cold temperatures,” he says.

While the long lines may be frustrating, it’s critical to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Winter weather brings all of the fixings including the chemicals and mixtures to keep roads clear, but the residue also gets stuck to our vehicle.

Keslar says the substance can get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your car.

“It’s inevitable when you’ve got that type of chemical on the ground against your car,” he says. “Over time, if it’s not washed off it can start to wear on your clear coat and the quality of your car.”

Keslar says you should wash your car to keep it clean, but wait a few days after the first warm-up to miss the initial demand.  He also recommends waxing your vehicle twice a year.

Rocket Car Wash doesn’t focus on how many cars they might wash even though the average climbs to 1,000 during high demand times.

“We watch for the weather daily and anytime we get cold weather or precipitation and the roads get wet, as soon as the roads dry and the sun is out we see high, high volume days.”

The overall goal, Keslar says, they strive to limit the amount of time you wait in line.