Lincoln Downtown Crews Face Challenges, Cold Temps

Lincoln Downtown Crews Face Challenges, Cold Temps

A bitter cold blast is forecast to slam the area overnight tonight bringing wind chills down to 20 below.  Winter weather can bring challenges to one of Lincoln’s business hubs.

“Getting our winter gear and layering up, that’s the key for the crew,” Downton Lincoln Association President and CEO Todd Ogden tells KLIN News.

His crews are responsible for clearing the way for residents to make their way through downtown.

“Anytime we have weather come up, we try to get as much street prevention materials out there, and ice prevention materials ahead of time,” Ogden says. “We get our gators out there.  WE have a couple of strong vehicles that help.”

Ogden’s main goal is to keep his crews safe during inclement weather.

“I have a lot of admiration for what the crew does,” he says. “It’s amazing what they can pull off here in the cold months.  Our goal is to make sure they’re safe and warm during that process.  They do a great job.”