Lincoln Making Repairs On City’s Well Fields

Lincoln Making Repairs On City’s Well Fields

There are 58 days until the one-year anniversary of historic flooding in Nebraska. Lincoln remained relatively unharmed, except for the 10-15 million dollars of damage caused to the city’s well fields near Ashland.

Tom Casady, Interim Director for Transportation and Utilities, tells KLIN News the wells located in the Platte River supply a critical need. 

“We made some emergency repairs and emergency protective steps that we’re hoping to prevent a repeat of this spring,” he says. “But long term, we have a lot of mitigation that has to happen to protect our well fields.”

The city is taking steps to reduce the likelihood structures are damaged during future events.

According to Casady, the city recently approved a contract to begin debris removal and make structural improvements that will begin this spring.

Experts say some flooding is likely again, but Casady says he doesn’t think we’ll see a repeat of 2019

“Flooding has been and will continue to be a problem on the Platte River,” he says. “We need to be prepared to protect these vital assets Lincoln residents rely on.”

He says long term, Lincoln needs another water source. As the city grows, Casady says they’ll approach capacity at the current wells.

“In all likelihood, it would mean finding a water source at the Missouri River.  That’s what is likely to happen.”

He didn’t say how much it would cost or when it would be needed.