Congressman Fortenberry Urges Diplomacy In the Long Run

Congressman Fortenberry Urges Diplomacy In the Long Run

Iran is a dangerous country…that Congressman Jeff Fortenberry tells KLIN News has to be countered.

Congressman Fortenberry says that President Trump was very clear in his remarks that we will counter danger to America. But Fortenberry also urges holding out some hope that we can normalize relations.

Fortenberry says scaling back down from any direct confrontation is important. But he says right now it is very raw and very tense. He says that he is fearful of some kind of terrorist incident with Iranian fingerprints on it, indirectly.

Congressman Fortenberry says this is a difficult time for all America as we worry about our own safety and our own role in the world.

Congressman Fortenberry says that the 21st Century is going to have to develop a new architect for diplomatic relations. He says we are compelled to be in authentic dialogue as the rough technology that can be miniaturized and kill more and more people– is in the hands of more and more bad people of bad will. Fortenberry says that emphasizes the need to ramp up diplomacy in the attempt to find the space for authentic relations worldwide.