Governor Ricketts Leading Trade Delegation In Germany

Governor Ricketts Leading Trade Delegation In Germany

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is leading a trade delegation in Germany this week expanding Nebraska manufacturing, beef and popcorn markets.

“Again, really expand relationships for our Nebraska farmers, ranchers and companies and look to more get investment back in Nebraska which is the overall goal of our trade missions,” Rickets said.

In a conference call with reporters, Ricketts said he’s toured toured several manufacturing plants with Nebraska ties such as CLAAS, Graepel, Lindsay and Orthman.

Ricketts says the numbers prove investment into European Union markets is paying off.

According to the Governor, the E-U is the state’s fourth largest overseas market.

“You’ll see the European Union is one of those markets going up,” he said. “With some of our China market they’ve been an inconsistent trade partner.”

He says as delegations continue to improve relations with the EU, agriculture is always at the forefront of conversation.

The Trump administration is expected to triple beef production quotas in January, so Ricketts is working especially hard to promote Nebraskan beef while overseas.