Parents Voicing Safety Concerns For Students At Lincoln Parties

Parents Voicing Safety Concerns For Students At Lincoln Parties

“Numerous arrests” have been made by the Lincoln Police Department due to a series of assaults, thefts and robberies happening at parties across town, and now, parents are coming forward.

“Out of nowhere a girl comes from behind her and her face is in front of her face and she grabs my daughter by her hair.¬† All of a sudden she’s surrounded by people kicking her, beating her and punching her.”

In an exclusive interview with KLIN News, one woman says her daughter was attacked after the Ohio State game in late September.

“In her vision she thought she had three girls that were attacking her.¬† There was so much light because people were videoing,” the mother said. “She was beat unconscious, found by the police department and taken by ambulance to the emergency room.”

She and several other parents are raising safety concerns.

“Our trust is at an all time low to watch your daughter be brutally beaten.”

For the interview, the mother chose to remain anonymous  for fear of retribution against her daughter and friends that were at the party where the assault occurred.

Another mother has come forward and says her son has hearing loss after sustaining punches to the head, which ruptured his ear drum.

Then a father called wanting to raise awareness for safety for students attending parties.

LPD says they’re continuing to investigate and have made “several arrests.” At this time, they don’t see all of the incidences are connected, nor related to gangs.

Officers have given these safety tips:

-Only attend parties where you know the host

-Avoid large gatherings or gatherings with illegal activity occurring

-Use the buddy system and if drinking keep a sober chaperone

-Trust your instincts and immediately leave any situation that feels bad

-Call the police if threatened or if you witness assaultive behavior

-Call the police to assist in ending a party that has uninvited guests show up that could cause the previous mentioned issues