Mayor Signs Amended Gun Safety Ordinance

Mayor Signs Amended Gun Safety Ordinance

It isn’t exactly what she wanted…but Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird signed a weakened gun safety ordinance passed by the city council.  Mayor Gaylor Baird says that while she supported the original version of this ordinance, after careful deliberation she decided to sign the amended version as an incremental step forward.

The new ordinance now requires that guns left in vehicles be out of sight and that the doors be locked. The original ordinance required that guns be stored in secure containers inside the vehicle.

Mayor Gaylor Baird says that her biggest concern is “blood on the streets.” She says “to be a mayor in America today is to think through how you would lead your city through a mass shooting.”

Mayor Gaylor Baird says “our kids are living in fear that we didn’t have growing up. Gaylor Baird adds “she doesn’t want to wake up one day and wish that we had done more.”

The Mayor and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office also announced that free gun locks are now available to the public. Gun owners and those applying for gun permits can receive free gun locks by visiting the Sheriff’s public reception window at the Justice and Law Enforcement Center, 575 S. 10th Street. The window is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and no paperwork or questions are involved in the process.