STUDY: Nebraska safest place in US to live for young families

STUDY: Nebraska safest place in US to live for young families

Nebraska’s the safest place in the United States to raise a family.

A recent study from Lending Tree says the Cornhusker State is atop the podium for young families trying to decide where to raise kids.

Executive Director for Voices of Children Aubrey Mancuso says the results are good news and it will help improve areas where we are struggling.

“When we break down our data by things like race or ethnicity or look at specific areas like childcare, we do see there continue to be challenges in places where some families are less able to access opportunities that are available to others,” Mancuso says.

The state scored in the top 10 for six of the metrics: density of hospitals, air quality, high school graduation rate, housing costs as a percent of income, childcare density and the percentage of households with children.

The rankings are encouraging she says, but more work needs to be done.

“We’re starting from a place of strength and that really makes the challenges that some members of our communities or communities very solvable because we have the resources to solve them,” she says.

It did not score well on childcare costs.  They are 22 percent of household income which ranks 41st in the state.

“There is a way to leverage more social support to help families afford childcare to make sure families are safe,” Mancuso says.

She added tax credits and certain assistance programs are good but need improvement.