Happy Halloween! Ghosts, Spirits and Paranormal Activity In The Capitol City

Happy Halloween! Ghosts, Spirits and Paranormal Activity In The Capitol City

If you need something spookier than a Snickers or a Kit Kat for Halloween, you might want to take a trip to the dark side.

Ronni Willis who runs one of Lincoln’s Ghost tours says fans of the paranormal are in store when visiting some of the cities well-known landmarks.

“One of the experiences that I had was being touched lightly on my hand by something that wasn’t next to me.  I couldn’t see it but I definitely felt it.  Then my hair stood up.”

The Ferguson and Kennard Houses are popular attractions where you can feel spirits and maybe see a ghost You never know, you might catch a couple of visions at the state capitol building or James Arthur’s Vineyard.

“There are a lot of times where we can debunk some of the experiences that people have but other times we try really hard to come up with reasons why it occurred,” Willis said.

What may surprise you is nearly one if four people believe in ghosts according to another ghost tour leader.

“When a person begins to get educated in a genre, they realize that ghosts are a real phenomena,” Scott Colborn owner of Lincoln’s Ghost Bus Tour said.”

He’s been chasing ghost stories for nearly four decades and says paranormal experiences is not uncommon for people.

In addition to the places listed above, Nebraska Weslyan and the state penitenturay have ghost stories, too.

“I’m not a phycologist, I don’t have a degree in that.  I’m a storyteller so I collect these stories and I share them with people,” Colborn said. 

He doesn’t take visitors inside, but he tell stories from other people who’ve witnessed something unusual.

This might be a little less spooky than taking a trip to the dark side.