75 Lincoln Nonprofits To Receive Free Internet

75 Lincoln Nonprofits To Receive Free Internet

ALLO Communications partners with the city to provide free internet to 75 Lincoln nonprofits.

ALLO Communications President Brad Moline says at a mayoral news conference that it is significant contribution.

“We’re excited to see what these 75 nonprofits are capable of with ALLO fiber internet,”said Moline. “Providing this free service to organizations that make a difference is a great way for us to give back to Lincoln. We know the Community Connect Program will do a lot of good for a lot of people, and this is a great opportunity to work on a team effort with the City of Lincoln.”

The Community Connect Program was a key component of the city’s broadband franchise agreement with ALLO.

Moline says that to build on ALLO’s continuing support of United Way and other agencies, the company will select 35 qualified nonprofits. The remaining 40 qualified nonprofits will be selected through a lottery system.