Bryan Helps Lincoln Woman Overcome Severe Opioid Addiction

Bryan Helps Lincoln Woman Overcome Severe Opioid Addiction

A 58-year old Lincoln woman overcomes her severe opioid addiction..and gets her life back.

Tami Johannsen says that she was in a very dark place after being prescribed fentanyl two years ago by her rural community doctor for a back injury.

Tami’s fentanyl dosage was continuously increased and she developed a dependency on the opioid. Now, instead of relieving the pain, it was causing it. It hurt to be touched or hugged by loved ones. Her relationship with her family became strained. She also had trouble remembering things. Finally, Tami decided enough was enough.

Tami’s primary care physician referred her to Dr. Kelly Zach of Innovative Pain and Spine Specialists and medical director of the Bryan Pain Management & Opioid Stewardship Program. In addition to her opioid addiction, Tami was also diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. Her plan for recovery included counseling, a new pain plan and professional help to wean her off fentanyl.

Tami was started on medication-assisted therapy (MAT) for addiction management. She was prescribed an oral medicine that relieves pain and prevents craving and withdrawal symptoms with limited side effects. Within an hour, Tami could feel relief.

Dr. Zach says they want those suffering from the same addiction to know there is hope.