Despite Purdue Loss, Ohio State Presents a Real Challenge

Despite Purdue Loss, Ohio State Presents a Real Challenge

Scott Frost addressed the media from the Don Bryant Media Center in Memorial Stadium during Nebraska’s weekly news conference. The Huskers will go on the road later this week as three touchdown underdogs to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

It won’t be the first time this season Nebraska has had to go on the road to take on a powerful conference opponent, but Ohio State has proven to be especially worrisome to the Huskers the past two seasons. Nebraska has given up a combined 118 points to the Buckeyes since 2016, while only scoring 17 points themselves in that same time span.

The challenge for Nebraska may not be to win the game, but to prevent getting embarrassed. It wasn’t long ago Nebraska doled out punishment similar to what Ohio State has handed Nebraska the past two seasons.

“When I was a player here, there were several teams we beat [by] double digits several times in a row,” Frost said. “Sometimes, it just happens because of everyone’s mentality. Good teams get there and we’re building it to try and get to that point.”

Nebraska has been playing like a team transformed ever since the Purdue game, but a skeptic could point to the opposition Nebraska was facing as the reason for their improved play. That’s what makes this next game so important – November third will be a true test of how far the Huskers have come.

Frost is continuing to preach his own version of “trust the process,” by stressing the importance of discipline both on the field and off. “Newsflash,” Frost began. “When guys are doing the right thing, we win more games.”

The on-field turn around could still be a ways from being complete but the real effort to turn things around is happening in recruiting. Nebraska landed highly touted offensive lineman commit Bryce Benhart from the State of Minnesota Sunday night.

The 6-8, 305 pound tackle is listed as a four star on Benhart became the 19th member of the Husker’s 2019 class. Everything is going as planned for Frost. “Yeah we’re right on track. We’re going to sign a bunch of guys, [but] I don’t know the exact number yet,” Frost said.

As the tired adage goes – Rome wasn’t built in a day. A win over Ohio State though, could potentially catapult the Huskers pretty close to where they want to be as a program.

(Photo Credit – Kenny Larabee)