Police Investigating Dog Attack In South Lincoln

Police Investigating Dog Attack In South Lincoln

The Lincoln Police Department and Animal control are working together to investigate an incident where two dogs attacked another dog and its owner in the 5100 block of Emerald Drive early this morning.

Officer Luke Bonkiewicz says a 60-year-old man reported he was walking his Pomeranian/Poodle “Scooby-Doo” around 5:45 this morning when two dogs on leashes, a Pitbull/Boxer and a bulldog/lab, attacked.

” The victim had four, what were described as bloody circular wounds consistent with dog bites”  on his right forearm, says Bonkiewicz. ” The victim’s dog also sustained multiple bites and was described as shaking and covered in blood when officers arrived.”

Bonkiewicz says witnesses helped the owner of the Pitbull/Boxer pull the dog away from the victim because the owner could not control the dog as it continued to attack the victim.

Bonkiewicz says the drove himself to the hospital and victim’s dog was transported to the emergency veterinarian clinic. There have been no updates on their conditions.

The attacking dogs have been quarantined. No citations have been given.