Public Comment Sought on Draft EAB Plan


Mayor Chris Beutler encourages the public to review and comment on the draft Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Response and Recovery Plan which was released at news conference today.  The invasive beetle has destroyed tens of millions of ash trees in 31 states and in Canada.  Beutler said that although EAB has not yet been found in Lincoln, experts say it is probably already here.  He said EAB will have a devastating impact on the City’s 14,000 public ash trees along streets and in parks and golf courses.

Mayor Beutler says the latest estimate on the cost of the City’s EAB response and recovery is about $22.8 million over a 15-year period.  He add the cost of delaying or doing nothing is much higher.

The draft plan is available at  Paper copes of the plan are avialable at all Lincoln City Libraries and at the Parks and Recreation Administration Office at 31st and “O” Streets.