Protect Yourself Against Frozen Pipes

With the arrival of cold temperatures…comes a reminder to Lincoln property owners to take steps to protect pipes from freezing and avoid costly damage or water bills. The Lincoln Water System says the most common problems involve lawn irrigation systems that have not been properly winterized.

Recommendations include properly draining and winterizing lawn irrigation systems…remove hoses from exterior faucets….and make sure all areas with plumbing are heated.  If pipes are concealed in accessible spaces near exterior walls, open cabinet doors to allow warmer air to reach the pipes.  Heat tape should be installed according to manufacturer instructions by a licensed plumber. Running a small amount of water from a kitchen or bathroom faucet for short intervals will usually keep pipes from freezing.  About one cut every minute is recommended.

If your pipes freeze, LWS recommends contacting a licensed plumber to locate the problem and safely thaw and repair any broken pipes.  Never use a flame or high heat device to thaw pipes as this may damage piping or cause a fire.