New Antidote Kit Used In Opioid Overdose In Rural Lancaster County

Quick treatment with an antidote recently purchased by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s office is believed to have saved the life of a 22 year old suffering from an opioid overdose. He was thought to have stopped breathing. Sheriff Wagner says this is the first time they used Narcan that was purchased a few months ago…read more »

Andrew Vlazny

Party Bus Passenger Accused of Stealing Pickup

A 25-year old passenger on a party bus is accused of stealing a pickup truck after the bus broke down very early Sunday morning outside a residence in the 2500 block of Southwest 14th Street. The bus driver had gone inside seeking assistance when the 25 year old passenger hopped out of the bus and…read more »


Seven Year Old Injured by Nail Shot From B-B Gun

A 7 year old Lincoln youngster suffered life threatening injuries when he was struck by a nail fired from a b-b gun by his 12 year old brother. The nail struck the 7 year old’s chest near his heart at their residence near N. 31st and P streets Sunday. Police Officer Angela Sands says that…read more »


Mountain Lion Spotted in Northeast Nebraska

WINNEBAGO, Neb. (AP) – Officials have confirmed that a mountain lion was spotted in northeast Nebraska’s Thurston County. The Winnebago Wildlife and Parks Department says that a photo of the mountain lion was taken east of Winnebago on Thursday. Landowner Matt Morgan says he found a deer carcass in a tree on his property earlier…read more »


Mayor Chris Beutler Announces 4th Term Run

Mayor Beutler announces he is running again for Mayor in 2019. It would be his fourth term….But Mayor Beutler tells KLIN News it shouldn’t be about how long a person has been in office. He says it is all about leadership and the ability to bring new ideas to the table and about continuing progress.…read more »