Large Group Arrested In Connection With a Pair of Overnight Robberies

3 adults and 2 juveniles were taken into custody Thursday morning in connection with two overnight robberies. Police Captain Ryan Dale tells KLIN news the first robbery was reported a little after 11 p.m Wednesday night. The victim said he was robbed at gunpoint near 1st and A streets while after getting money from an…read more »


$443 Million Budget Approved by Lincoln Public Schools

Lincoln Public schools has approved a $443-Million budget. A 5.3% increase from last year. The budget will, among other things, fund the School’s portion of a revised inter-local agreement adding resource officers to Lincoln Middle Schools, supply Chromebooks to students and give teachers a little over 3% raise. The budget also includes an additional $624-Thousand…read more »


A Lawsuit Challenging Medicaid Expansion Is Dismissed

A lawsuit challenging the Medicaid expansion proposal fails in court. That comes as no surprise to Insure the Good Life Campaign Chair Meg Mandy.  She tells KLIN News that they are very excited that Nebraska voters are going to have the opportunity to expand Medicaid.  Mandy adds that they felt very confident in their position…read more »


Councilman Jon Camp Considers Running for Mayor

Lincoln City Councilman Jon Camp tells KLIN News that he is considering running for mayor. Camp says that a lot of people have been contacting him over the last several months encouraging him to run. Camp says that they feel it is time for a new change of leadership in the city. He says they…read more »