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Girl Hopes For Return of Stolen Item From Her 4-H Project

An 11 year old girl is still hoping for the return of an item that was stolen August 4th from her 4H project at the Lancaster Event Center at the Super Fair.

The plastic model of a Ford Pickup was constructed from a retail kit which she then customized and painted with automotive body grade products and tools. The eleven year old spent in excess of 15 hrs of labor constructing and perfecting the model.

The Event Center staff reviewed security camera files and located video of the model being taken. In the video a man approaches the display and without hesitation picks up the model and walks away. He is later seen placing the model in what appears to be a bag he is carrying.

The surveillance video can be viewed using the link below.

This is a link to www.dropbox.com/sh/p7l3kkwypfyojbj/AAB6av41UIRgFIqvOCMMfKuua?dl=0