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The Husker Hail Mary From Every Perspective

By Jack Mitchell of Jack & Dave in the Morning

I've probably watched it 15 times today, which would probably put me at near 100 for the last 40 hours, and I know many of you aren't far behind. After a rough week of angst everywhere in Huskerland, that play was just what the Doctor ordered for the state, at least for the time being, not to mention something that could end up being one of the bigger large-scale reversals of fortune I can remember in sports.

So, since most of you can't get enough of it, here's the play of the year (decade?) in every way imaginable.


Via TV: 



As you heard it on KLIN & across the Husker Sports Network: 




As heard on the Northwestern Radio Network:



The "Chariots of Fire" All Slow-Mo Version:




Great vantage point from the field: 


East Balcony: 


From North Stadium: 


The much-maligned vertical orientiation, but an entertaining one from North Stadium:


Nice camerawork on this one from North Stadium:


I haven't figured out how to embed Facebook vids yet, but click here for one from the Student Section.


How about a little West stadium in the expensive seats:


The Tecmo Version, finally.


I admire this dude's optimism, and pipes, and the comments of his significant other:


The reaction at the new Railyard District in Lincoln:

And the post-game locker room: 


Let me know if I missed any at JackM@KLIN.com or Twitter.com/JackM_KLINRadio and I'll keep updating the page. 

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