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Nebraska defensive coordinator Bob Diaco addressed the media following Monday's practice after not speaking to the media following Saturday's 43-36 win over Arkansas State.

By Tommy Rezac

The unrest caused by Nebraska defensive coordinator Bob Diaco’s absence after Nebraska’s 43-36 win over Arkansas State on Saturday night seemed to have settled for the most part when head coach Mike Riley offered an explanation in Monday morning’s weekly press conference at Memorial Stadium.

“(Bob’s) thoughts were that it would be great after a ballgame for one voice, giving him time to watch the film and then review it with (the media) as a pointed time,” Riley said. “Nothing was intentional by him in that regard.”

“It was a discussion we had, and frankly, my fault, because I never revisited that conversation with him. It was a conversation of his thoughts about that. I actually didn’t think about it again. By the time I had saw him after the game, it was an hour afterwards. He said he had been approached about (talking to the media), and I said, ‘Gosh, I think it’s all done by now. I wouldn’t worry about it.’ He’s been great with the media from what I’ve watched and seen, and he’s going to talk to you today.”

Diaco, originally scheduled to address the media after Tuesday’s practice, talked following Monday evening’s practice, per Coach Riley’s request.

“The only thing reactionary about this moment now is the fact that I’m going now rather than tomorrow as a defensive flip,” Diaco said. “Coach (Riley) thought it’d be a good idea for me to immediately address the group after being attacked this morning the way that I was.”

Diaco was referring to columns written by local media about his absence in Saturday night’s postgame media session.

“I was under the impression that I didn’t have to do postgame media,” Diaco said. “That’s what I was told. But, I wanted to come here to address that (newspaper) piece, because contrary to, at least what was depicted, I’ve never run away from anything in my life. I’ve never not stood up and not been accountable and responsible to my work, and what I’ve been entrusted to do. That’s never happened, and hasn’t, and will not ever happen. So, to be painted in that light or that way is just absolutely ridiculous.”

Through all of that, Diaco showed understanding for why his absence was depicted the way that it was.

“From your perspective, I could see with a lack of communication and miscommunication that it was your perspective,” Diaco said, “so, I’m not even upset with what was said or written or whatever. It’s a product of a lack of communication and miscommunication.”

According to Diaco, he didn’t make it to Nebraska’s locker room until at least an hour after the game ended, due to a malfunction of a freight elevator inside Memorial Stadium.

“By the time I got to the locker room, no one was there, because we were stuck in a freight elevator,” Diaco said. “So, I didn’t get a chance to talk to Coach (Riley). I saw one of the associate athletic directors in charge of media who wanted me to go to media. I said, ‘I was told I didn’t have to do the postgame media.’ After that, I said, ‘But, I’ll be up in the coaches’ locker room if you need me. If you need me to do it, I will come down and do it.’”

“So, as I was walking up, I saw (offensive coordinator) Danny (Langsdorf) walking down. So, by the time I got out of the locker room, it was at least an hour (after the game). Coach (Riley) was already occupied and almost finished. By the time he finished, I asked him, ‘Coach, do you need me to do anything right now? I saw Danny going down there (near the weight room where post game interviews are held). And (Riley) said, ‘No. Everyone’s, I’m sure, gone.’ By that time, it was at least an hour later (after the game).”

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