Program Schedule



News updates from FOX & KLIN News at the top of every hour all day long - and breaking news when it happens.

Midnight to 4am-   Overnight America with Jon Grayson
4am to 6am-          This Morning with Gordon Deal
6am to 9am-          LNK Today
9am to 11am-       Laura Ingraham
11am to 2pm-       Rush Limbaugh
2pm to 5pm-         Sean Hannity
5pm to 6pm-         Drive Time Lincoln
6pm to 9pm-          SportsNightly**
9pm to Midnight-   Mark Levin

**NOTE: When Husker sports interrupts regular weekday programming, regular programming will air on


Midnight to 1am-    Michael Medved
1am to 5am-           Nanos at Night (CBS Sports Radio)

4am to 6am-           Michael Medved
6am to 7am-           This Morning With Gordon Deal
7am to 8am-           Friendly Fire with Stu Kerns
8am to 9am-           America's Wealth Management Show

9am to 10pm-        Huskers Illustrated Radio

10am to Noon-       Kim Komando

Noon to 1pm-         Grow Lincoln

1pm to 5pm-           The Gresh Show (CBS Sports Radio)
5pm to 6pm-           Sean Hannity Week in Review
6pm to 9pm-           Hugh Hewitt
9pm to Midnight-    Kim Komando


Midnight to 1am-    Dennis Prager
1am to 5am-           Nanos at Night (CBS Sports Radio)
5am to 8am-           Michael Medved

8am to 9am-           America's Wealth Management Show

9am to 10am-         Focus on the Family
10am to 11am-       Fox News Sunday

11am to Noon-       Meet The Press

Noon to 1pm-         John Baylor Prep Show

1pm to 4pm-           Rush Limbaugh Week in Review

4pm to 6pm-           Sean Hannity Week in Review

6pm to 9pm-           Ben Ferguson
9pm to Midnight-    Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham

Listen for Husker Sports including football, men's basketball and baseball on 1400 KLIN.  For coverage of Husker Volleyball and Husker Women's Basketball, tune to B107.3 FM.

**NOTE: Husker games & SportsNightly cannot be streamed on  For free online listening, visit