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193 episodes

Jack and Dave

Jack and Dave in the Morning: Weekdays 6 to 9.

Latest episode:

Senator Ben Sasse

234 episodes

Drive Time Lincoln

Kevin Thomas hosts Drive Time Lincoln from 4:30-6 weekday afternoons.

Latest episode:

2/8 Team Jack Gala Preview

79 episodes

HuskerMax Practice Reports

KLIN recaps every practice of the Husker football season.

Latest episode:

12/25 Husker Practice Report

90 episodes

Friday Husker Tailgate

The Friday Husker Tailgate with Jack & Dave, Chris Whitney and former Husker Cory Ross.

Latest episode:

11-20-15 By Hour 3

88 episodes

Huskers Illustrated Radio

Cole Stukenholtz hosts Huskers Illustrated Radio every Saturday at 9am on 1400 KLIN.

Latest episode:

Recruiting Special BONUS 2

474 episodes

Husker Audio

The latest sounds from the Huskers.

Latest episode:

11/27 Mike Riley post Iowa

60 episodes

Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire with Stu Kerns

Latest episode:

2/6 Friendly Fire Segment 4

6 episodes

Big Red Replay

KLIN's Sunday Morning look back at Husker Saturday, and whatever else happened in Husker Nation throughout the week.

Latest episode:

South Alabama Segment 1

13 episodes

Team Jack 2015

Interviews and stories from the 2015 Team Jack Radiothon

Latest episode:

Zaching Against Cancer

52 episodes

Unfinished Business

KLIN's Kevin Thomas takes you through an 11-week series to celebrate Nebraska's 1994 National Championship football season.

Latest episode:

Week 11 - Segment 5