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Kevin Thomas hosts Drive Time Lincoln from 4:30-6 weekday afternoons.


1/26 CoOportunity Health update

Kevin talks with Sarah Waldman, Senior Vice President for Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Nebraska about the failure of CoOportunity Health.

Posted 1/26/2015 8:57:00 PM


1/21 Economist Ernie Goss

Kevin talks with Creighton University Economist Dr. Ernie Goss about some of the president's proposals in the State of the Union.

Posted 1/26/2015 8:55:00 PM


1/20 Senator Colby Coash

Kevin and Senator Colby Coash talk about the latest in the Nebraska legislature.

Posted 1/26/2015 8:55:00 PM


1/20 Senator Ben Sasse

Kevin talks with Senator Ben Sasse about his expectations for the State of the Union Address.

Posted 1/26/2015 8:53:00 PM


1/16 Windstream's New Cable

Kevin talks with David Redmond of Windstream about their new cable offering in Lincoln.

Posted 1/19/2015 10:14:00 AM


1/15 Blue Angels Coming to Lincoln

Kevin and John talk with Derek Feyerherm of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce about the Blue Angels coming back to Lincoln.

Posted 1/15/2015 5:10:00 PM


1/15 Attorney General Doug Peterson

Kevin talks with Attorney General Doug Peterson about bills he's supporting in the Unicameral.

Posted 1/15/2015 5:08:00 PM


1/14 Tom Osborne Part 1

Kevin talks with Tom Osborne about the College Football Playoff.

Posted 1/14/2015 5:14:00 PM


1/14 Tom Osborne Part 2

Kevin asks Coach Osborne about contact with the new Husker coaches.

Posted 1/14/2015 5:14:00 PM


1/14 Congressman Jeff Fortenberry

Kevin talks with Congressman Fortenberry about votes to counter President Obama's executive action on immigration.

Posted 1/14/2015 5:13:00 PM


1/13 Mayor Chris Beutler

Kevin interviews Mayor Chris Beutler after the announcement of his reelection campaign.

Posted 1/14/2015 5:12:00 PM


1/13 TransCanada Shawn Howard

Kevin talks with Shawn Howard of TransCanada about what process he sees next for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Posted 1/14/2015 5:10:00 PM


1/9 Keystone XL Pipeline Update

Kevin talks with Energy, Transportation and Safety expert Brigham McCown about the next steps for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Posted 1/9/2015 5:09:00 PM


1/8 Governor Pete Ricketts

Kevin talks with Nebraska's new Governor Pete Ricketts about his priorities now that he's in office.

Posted 1/8/2015 5:02:00 PM


1/8 Governor Ricketts Inaugural Address

Governor Pete Ricketts addresses Nebraskans just after being sworn-in.

Posted 1/8/2015 2:02:00 PM


1/7 Senator Colby Coash

Kevin talks with State Senator Colby Coash about the first day of the session.

Posted 1/7/2015 7:06:00 PM


1/6 Senator Ben Sasse

Kevin talks with US Senator Ben Sasse after his swearing-in.

Posted 1/7/2015 7:05:00 PM


1/6 Governor Dave Heineman

Kevin talks with Governor Heineman about leaving office.

Posted 1/7/2015 7:04:00 PM


1/6 Councilman Roy Christensen

Kevin talks with Lincoln City Councilman Roy Christensen about issues facing the city.

Posted 1/7/2015 6:55:00 PM


10/3 Windstream Cable in Lincoln

Kevin talks with David Redmond of Winstream about plans to provide cable TV services in Lincoln.

Posted 1/5/2015 2:54:00 PM