Chicken Plant Permit Denied For Lancaster County

Chicken Plant Permit Denied For Lancaster County

A proposed permit which would’ve allowed for eight buildings of chicken production in northern Lancaster County has been voted down.

After hearing from nearly 40 people Thursday at a public hearing lasting almost six hours, the Lancaster County Commissioners voted 3-2 to deny Lincoln Premium Poultry a permit.

Commissioner Sean Flowerday is against the permit.

“I’m not against CAFOs.  I’m not against production agriculture.” Flowerday says. “Something like this might be exactly right for communities like Wisner.  It might be exactly right.  I just don’t think it’s right- based on what I heard today- I don’t think it’s right for Raymond or Lancaster County.”

Commissioner Roma Amundson is in favor of construction.

“We do have several barns operating effectively. I think there are enough safeguards through the permit process,” she says.

The barn would be located near Northwest 27th Street and Ashland Road near Raymond Central High School.  The proposal from Lincoln Premium Poultry would bring eight barns, each housing 47,500 birds totaling 380,000.

Spokeswoman Jessica Kolterman said the company is part of Costco.

“It’s an approximate $450 million investment in our state and an additional $300 million across the region in the barns for our farmers,” she said.

Opponents cited road maintenance issues, water quality, traffic and fire hazards as major concerns.

Supporters say it helps diversify agriculture in the area and current operations are effective and have passed environmental standards.