Reminders When You Prepare Your Home For Natural Gas As Winter Approaches

Reminders When You Prepare Your Home For Natural Gas As Winter Approaches

If you walk in your home and smell rotten eggs, you might have a natural gas leak.

Black Hills Energy Spokeswoman Brandy Johnson says they purposely put a chemical in the gas to alert you of potential problems.

“Do not hesitate.  You need to leave the area and call 911 or call us and someone will be out immediately to make sure the area is safe,” she said.

Johnson says the other gas to be aware of is carbon monoxide, which is colorless and odorless. She advises making sure your detectors are up-to-date.

And in preparation for frigid days, Black Hills Energy is reminding you to keep your gas meter clear of snow and ice.

“If your meter is in a location where it’s damaged from snow removal, make sure it’s marked identifying it and pointing it out to their snow removal crews if they’re not doing it themselves,” Johnson says.

She says you should also look up.

“Ensure you don’t have ice cycles hanging above your meter that could fall and damage it.”

She added your heating system should be checked by a certified heating and AC company.

Winter temperatures do play a significant role in your natural gas bill when trying to heat your home.

Unfortunately, Johnson says our pocketbook is at Mother Nature’s mercy.

“Home heating bills are very affordable, but if we get an extremely cold weather, that can increase your heating bill if you’re using natural gas.”

According to Johnson, their rates have remained steady for a decade.

She recommended these tips to keep bills low: check your windows and doors for the propper seal and clean your air filters.