Bobcat Captured In Lincoln

Bobcat Captured In Lincoln

A bobcat captured on the campus of the Veterans Affairs campus this morning was likely never a legitimate threat to the public.

Fur-Bearer and Carnivore Manager with Game and Parks, Sam Wilson tells KLIN News that in most cases, bobcats are probably more of you than you are of them.

“They are very secretive,” says Wilson. “People rarely see them because they often see people first and either hide or flee.”

Wilson says bobcats mostly feed on rabbits, mice and ground-nesting birds but adds you should still never approach a wild animal.

If you’re ever confronted with bobcat on your property, Wilson says there are some basic guidelines you should follow; steer clear, leave an avenue of escape for the animal and lock up any small pets.

He adds that while it is uncommon for a bobcat to venture so into the city, it can happen.

“They do come in areas that have creeks or waterways or any kind of natural habitat.”

The bobcat captured this morning will be getting a checkup from Game and Parks, and if healthy, will be released back into the wild.