Youth Moved From Rehabilitation and Treatment Center In Geneva

Youth Moved From Rehabilitation and Treatment Center In Geneva

A Lincoln State Senator says all share in the blame of problems at a Nebraska Youth Attention Center.

Lincoln State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks tells KLIN News
that she is concerned by a number of things she observed while visiting the Geneva Youth Attention Center for Girls last Friday… including the use of confinement rooms, which she said are really solitary confinement rooms.

Pansing Brooks says all share in the blame and will propose legislation next session that will include more rehabilitation options for girls at the facility.


Nebraska DHHS announces Monday that they are committed to the success, safety and wellbeing of the youth at the center and have moved the remaining 24 girls youth to alternative locations temporarily to make needed repairs.

DHHS says that an incident two weeks ago at YRTC-Geneva where a youth damaged the sprinkler system within the residential cottages left the building unsafe and unihabitable.

DHHS CEO Dannette Smith says, “the aftermath of this incident created a critical situation at the 24/7 facility that has also faced serious staffing challenges.” She adds: “Some of the youth needed to move to an alternative location to help ensure their safety and wellbeing.”