Lincoln Family Out $7,000 After Man Falls For Robo-Call Scam

Lincoln Family Out $7,000 After Man Falls For Robo-Call Scam

A Lincoln family is out $7,000 after one member fell for a PC services scam.

Officer Angela Sands says when the 63-year-old victim responded to the robo-call that set off the scam, whoever was on the other end told him he was due for an almost $300 refund, but only after he provided his bank account information.

“He gives them his bank account information,” says Sands, “ he also gives them access to his computer.”

The scammer went on to say tell the victim he had accidently put $3,000 in account by mistake and that the victim had to correct the balance by purchasing and reading off codes of gift cards over the phone, which he did.

“This keeps happening, but what he (the victim) didn’t know was that the money deposited in his account was actually transferred from his family members’ accounts,” says Sands.

She says the scammer likely obtained access to the victim’s family accounts when the victim gave the scammers remote access to his PC.

By the time figured out it was all a scam, the family had lost a combined $7,000 on various gift cards.

Sands says the scammer’s phone line was tracked to a unknown location outside of the U.S