Secret For Longevity

Secret For Longevity

What’s the secret for living longer? A California aging expert told a University of Nebraska Medical Center’s no secret…a healthy diet and exercise.

Dr. Verdin, who is president of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging says that people who routinely excercise actually on average live longer and show a suppression of diseases of aging. Dr. Verdin says we have a bit of a crisis with obesity in the country which is shortening our lifespan.

Dr. Eric Verdin says there is a lot of work right now trying to study what are the factors in the diet that actually are important for your longevity and he is now focusing more on how we eat.

Dr. Verdin says that despite the billions of dollars spent on research, and the copious amount of supplements sold (without proven results), the Fountain of Youth is elusive.

His scientific talk focused on the study of the role of mitochondrial sirtuins in aging. Sirtuins are a new family of proteins identified by his lab that affect aging.