You’re Right, Coach. Nebraska is the Most Undisciplined Team in the Country

You’re Right, Coach. Nebraska is the Most Undisciplined Team in the Country

“I honestly believe that we’re the most undisciplined team in the country right now, and it kills me,” a fiery Scott Frost opened with at the post-game press conference.

Your intuition is pretty much on the money, coach. According to, Nebraska is tied for 130th, dead last, with Nebraska’s would be opponent, Akron.

Committing a whopping 10.5 penalties per game this season, Nebraska needs to make a serious effort to turn things around.

“It isn’t like we aren’t giving the message, or aren’t trying to hold guys accountable,” Frost said. “There’s really no difference, from a coaching perspective, from guys that won’t do it to guys that can’t do it.”

Penalties absolutely lost this game for Nebraska. Poor special teams and defensive play absolutely didn’t help matters, but time after time, Nebraska gifted Purdue a first down off of a dumb penalty.

In the second quarter, Marquel Dismuke picked off Purdue quarterback David Blough, but a holding call on Lamar Jackson negated that play.

Dismuke also planted a Purdue receiver as he was clearly out of bounds in the second quarter, drawing another 15 yards for the Boilermakers.

In the third, as Purdue was driving, Khalil Davis knocked over Blough in a late hit that cost Nebraska yet again, 15 more yards. Nebraska had 11 penalties in total on the day.

“We can’t do that stuff anymore and I’m tired of watching it,” Frost said. With a tough challenge at Wisconsin on Saturday, Nebraska will need to iron out the kinks this week, or risk another national embarrassment of a loss.