Krist Challenging Ricketts for Governor

Krist Challenging Ricketts for Governor

State Senator Bob Krist, today announced he will challenge Gov. Pete Ricketts as a common sense moderate and member of the Nebraska Democratic Party. Krist said he is forming a partnership with the Nebraska Democratic Party.

Senator Krist registered with the Douglas County Election Commission as a member of the Democratic Party yesterday and today filed to run in the May Primary Election for Governor with the Nebraska Secretary of State. Krist added that should they choose to do so, he would be pleased to accept the nomination to become the Democratic candidate to take on Pete Ricketts this November.

Krist said the decision to challenge Ricketts as a Democrat came after several months of exploring other options to gain access to the ballot.

Krist was joined at a midday news conference by several current and former State Senators as well as Lincoln Mayor Chris Buetler.

In a news release, Mayor Buetler said, “Bob Krist will be the Governor that stands up for common sense and against partisanship from either side. He will be a man who will look at Nebraskans in all walks of life and ask how we can we help this woman or this man achieve the Good Life our state promises. That’s why I’m proud to give my support today for Sen. Bob Krist as the next governor of the State of Nebraska,”