“UNL Against Hate” Rally Sees Big Turnout; Organizers Sought to Raise Awareness of White Nationalist Student On Campus

“UNL Against Hate” Rally Sees Big Turnout; Organizers Sought to Raise Awareness of White Nationalist Student On Campus

A white nationalist student at the university of Nebraska Lincoln was the subject of a rally at the UNL student Union today in which nearly 150 students were present. The student in question, 23-year-old Daniel Kleve, is an self-proclaimed white nationalist attending the university, and is the subject of a video put out by anti-fascist group, Anti-Fascist Action Nebraska. Damien Daniels and Evenee Washington are students at the university and say the Kleve presents a clear danger to the university.

” First off, saying that he wants violence?” Daniels says, referencing the video put out by Anti-Fascist Action Nebraska, in which Kleve appears to advocate violence.  ” You can’t say stuff like that.”

“If he is saying that he wants it,” begins Washington, ” Then I’m pretty sure he’s going to get it if he isn’t stopped.”

The anti-fascist group known as Antifa had a presence as well. Several individuals, dressed in the uniform black clothing and face masks, held up signs and joined students in disavowing Kleve and his hateful ideologies. One such individual tells KLIN News he thinks Kleve is entitled to his 1st amendment rights, but says he crossed a line.

” Even if his speech is protected,he can’t make open threats like that” another reference to the  Anti-Fascist Action Nebraska video “He can’t call for genocide for races of people or people in the LGBTQ spectrum.”

The rally was organized by a university organization calling themselves UNL Against Hate, who say officials at UNL haven’t acted strongly enough to disavow Kleve and assuage concerned students.


Some UNL students are holding a rally today (Wednesday) on campus to express their concerns about a UNL student who describes himself as the most active white nationalist in the Nebraska area.
A highly edited Video circulated by the group Anti-Fascist Action Nebraska on Monday portrays 23-year-old Daniel Kleve as a violent bigot, and includes clips of him with White Nationalists at the infamous Charlottsville riot and appears to show him advocating violence….

KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln host Coby Mach contacted university officials about the matter and was told they take the situation very seriously. University officials say there have been demands to remove Kleve from campus based on perceived safety concerns and his affiliation with white nationalist organizations and ideologies.

In response, Kleve posted a video last night claiming those calling for him to be removed from campus only want him gone because his beliefs are different from theirs and the video circulated about him mis-represents his words

The rally, hosted by a group known as UNL Against Hate, is scheduled for 1:15 PM. KLIN News will be there with the latest.

Here’s the video posted by  Anti-Fascist Action Nebraska:

And Mr. Kleve’s response to the controversy: